On 365 kilometers through the MOSEL WeinKulturLand the Moselle river trail a quality trail, the one about 2000jährige history as experience makes like wine and wonderful natural landscape left and right of the Moselle.

Experience two wonderful stages with target/start Beilstein. And connect your hike on the Moselle river trail with a stay in the most beautiful village of the Moselle.


Zum Moselsteig-Arrangement

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Moselsteig Etappe 17: Ediger-Eller – Beilstein

Lenght 16 km
Duration: 4,5 Stunden
Difficulty: schwe


By Roman tombs and fabulous places.

A challenging stage, which leads through the middle of cultivated vineyards and this grant varied views of the Moselle Valley.
The line on numerous Heiligenhäuschen passes after the start in Ediger-eller. A path to the Roman tombs Nehren, whose vaulted ceiling painting that is best preserved North of the Alps, is here for a visit. After a section of the vineyard's continues on a narrow forest path through the Briedener Switzerland, which impresses with its impressive nature.
Leads past the Carmelite Church the way over the
famous monastery stairs to the stage endpoint Beilstein.
The small village of Moselle is also known as the "Sleeping beauty of the Moselle", as it often was used in the past with its small streets and half-timbered setting as a filming location for home movies.



Moselsteig Etappe 18: Beilstein – Cochem

Länge: 14 km
Dauer: 4 Stunden
Schwierigkeit: mittel


On the tracks of the hillside vineyards winemaker.

Who has mastered this stage and their numerous steep slopes, can understand what troubles the wine on the Moselle with it brings. The Rocky paths along the edge of the slope requires some sure-footedness, however offer unforgettable views over the Moselle river on long distances. Finally the trail below the vertical rock wall of Brauselay, where already the destination
Cochem in sight, dominated by his fabulously beautiful imperial Castle. With this beautiful goal in mind, the Mosel track leads
down in the hospitable Stadt.kleinen streets and the
Lattice backdrop often was used as a filming location for home movies

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