Opening times

von April bis November

täglich von 11 bis 22 Uhr

Dienstag Ruhetag


In our restaurant Café   "Alte Stadtmauer" you will find a beautifully furnished Ambience.


Our kitchen offers the Mosel friend Treats and tasty dish of the region , as well as Coffee and homemade cakes.


Enjoy a good glass of Riesling the Stay at our romantic Weinlaub terrace. Let the view of the river wander and forget the worries of everyday life .

NEW 2017 : Hotel with 7 luxus-rooms high standard with view over the river.


We would be pleased to welcome you as our guests allowed .





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Restaurant &Hotel"Alte Stadtmauer"


" Zehnthauskeller"

  The historic wine cellar in the former of Metternich Zehnthaus Anno 1574  .


A barrel-vaulted cellar, fortress-like stone and slate built walls. Here you can taste wines from the best vineyards Beilstein and the environment. For small and large groups up to 100 people , we offer an expertly commented wine tasting.


Charming presented by Mrs Sabine Lipmann . On request we prepare a suitable Winzervesper for them to . Upstairs our own wine museum invites for a visit






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Opening Times

from April till November

daily from 11 till 22 Uhr

Monday closed


" Villa Beilstein"

The hotel "Villa Beilstein" was in a loving work in
Year 2011/12 rebuilt. It features about six
comfortable double rooms with stunning views down
the Mosel, with attention to detail.
By the processed Moselschiefer and
solid cherry wood furniture and comfortable
Box-spring beds creates a special
Feel-good atmosphere. All rooms are accessible by lift to
reach, and equipped with barrier-free shower,
Satellite TV, telephone, free Wi-Fi ....
In nice weather, we serve the
rich breakfast on the terrace Mosel.
Free parking is provided.




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